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Motiv Brand Design

Short Courses

TAFE SA asked Motiv to re-energize the branding for their 'Short Courses' – an established program of courses providing customers a pathway into particular industries, gaining additional skills relating to current employment, or exploring a new hobby for personal growth.

The short course collateral utilized a black and white photographic theme since its inception and Motiv was asked to retain this point of recognition whilst providing a more playful, colourful and contemporary direction for the print and advertising campaign to engage with existing customers and attract a wider audience.

The major component of this project was an 80-page course guide for which Motiv created a bespoke icon typeface to assist with workflow and to ensure uniform usage of icons throughout the document. The outdoor advertising campaign was created to run across 12 large format digital sites throughout metropolitan Adelaide over a 10-month period, bus shelter ads and digital marketing ran concurrently.

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