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Motiv Brand Design

Rosette Series

Richard Hamilton Wines asked Motiv to re-imagine their entry-level label range with the brief of modernising the aesthetic and broadening the demographic appeal of the offering – providing a gateway to their 'Single Vineyard' range and 'Old Vine Shiraz'.

After exploring different design pathways our focus for the new series settled on the thousands of iconic roses surrounding both the McLaren Vale and Coonawarra estates of Richard Hamilton and Leconfield Wines.

The new series features a stylised, geometric ‘Rosette’ inspired by the expanding corolla of rose petals. A different colour 'Rosette' was used for each varietal as a quick visual identifier – Richard Hamilton's signature was incorporated into the design as an echo to the origins of the brand and the existing naming conventions were preserved to retain established brand equity from the 'Estate' range.

In conjunction with the client, the labels were further developed and the decision was made to utilise the dieline and signature elements from the 'Single Vineyard' series which had recently undergone a re-design of its own, in order to strengthen the overall brand proposition and unify the ranges as a family offering. A grey label was selected to allow contrast for the various coloured 'Rosettes' and provide a point of difference to the black labels of the 'Single Vineyard' series whilst still retaining a connection between the ranges.

The final design presents the history of Richard Hamilton Wines in a truly modern package.

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