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Motiv Brand Design

Wine Packaging

We have developed several sub brands and export labels for Heartland wines including the Heart & Soil range of labels for export to the Chinese market. Motiv proposed the name Heart & Soil to tie in with the Heartland brand without cannibalising their own label exports. The series was developed featuring an intricate graphic designed to have a subtle link to the existing Heartland spice brand element. The graphic featured in a series of bold colours to differentiate each variety within the range.

Under Italian D.O.C rules it is not permitted for grapes from different regions to be blended. Winemaker Ben Glaetzer chose to marry the Lagrein and Dolcetto varieties and named the wine Sposa e Sposa (Italian for bride) which was released into the market to raise funds in support of marriage equality. We developed a bold collage graphic featuring the various flavour profiles of the wine in bright colours to link the image to the message of the equality campaign.

The Foreign Correspondent is a play on words relating to the Italian varieties blended by an Australian winemaker. We created a retro style collage image of a journalist with the typewriter keys forming the title.

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