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Motiv Brand Design

Brand refresh

Riposte Wines approached Motiv to refresh their brand and range of packaging. 

The client has an unusual brand story to tell – Riposte is both a verbal and fencing term; verbally it is a quick reply, and in the sport of fencing it is a quick counterthrust, often delivered with style and elegance. Tim Knappstein is a third generation vigneron and considered a pioneer in developing the wine industry in the Adelaide Hills. Riposte is Tim’s retort to the corporatisation of the Australian Wine Industry. 

We re-drew their existing 'fencer' icon and introduced a unique hand drawn script which evoked the elegant, sweeping motions in fencing as well as distinct die-cut labels to help tell the story.

These distinctive thematic features have become recognisable brand elements when applied to various collateral.

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