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2021 Highlights

“At OZ Minerals we strive to be modern. We are guided by our purpose, “Going beyond what’s possible to make lives better”.”

As the quote above from OZ Minerals states – they strive to be modern. Motiv was tasked with creating a condensed version of their OZ Minerals' Annual and Sustainability Report in a way that would reflect this core value – a mobile-responsive digital highlights website, featuring animated graphic builds, parallax effects, and containing many interactive elements.

The site needed to remain true to OZ Minerals' brand aesthetic, reflect the updated OZ Minerals website, and also incorporate graphic elements from the printed version of the 2021 Annual and Sustainability Report whilst creating a ‘highlights package’ that would enable stakeholders to quickly and easily access key information.

The site was built from the ground up to a strict timeline, to be launched shortly after the audited report was released to the ASX, and is AA compliant with WCAG 3.0 standards. It was built with a view to being incrementally updated as additional reports are added, in ‘highlights’ format, in future years.

The site can be viewed here.

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