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Annual Report 2019

Motiv was contracted to create the Codan Annual Report for a third year in row, an indication of how well received the two previous publications had been.

The 2019 report saw Codan move to align the content with a strategic push of their handheld metal detection devices and innovative new technology that was being implemented in this sector by Minelab, their detection division. In order to promote this technology Codan marketing staff commissioned photography from Melbourne studio Bluefish Productions showing the full product range in use across a variety of landscapes – something we were keen to reflect in the final report along with products from all other divisions. There was also a requirement to align the visual direction of the report with Codan's online presence in order to present a cohesive overall appearance – to this end Motiv utilised an expanded colour palette derived from the website implemented alongside a square thematic device derived from the Codan logo.

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