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Motiv Brand Design

Coles Launch Campaign

Huon approached us to create a campaign focusing on mid-week meals. A mood based strategy promoting Huon products release into Coles and driving the message of the benefits of Huon’s Premium Salmon products as a heathy and versatile protein, encouraging customers to include it more into their weekly shopping as well as Huon's unique selling point – being the only seafood producer that holds a RSPCA Approved certification in Australia because of their farming practices.

We focused on the ease, convenience and quality of the products with the use of a series of delicious recipe images which tied in with different days of the week, recipe suggestions such as 'One Pot Wonder', 'Curry in a Hurry', Midweek Magic'... and a consistent pay off line 'Make it a HUON Day'.

The campaign comprised of a series of posters, magazine advertising, various assets for Coles instore and online promotions, Huon Social Media assets, billboards as well as a promotional video.



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