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Motiv Brand Design

Wine Packaging

Motiv has worked closely with Rymill for over 20 years throughout the growth of their brand to ensure the highest quality is achieved in all design elements and print production as well as developing new brands and creating original illustrations. 

The Rymill family has a long tradition of equestrian achievement and we developed their symbol which was derived from the imposing 'stallions rampant' sculpture at the entrance to their cellar door.

'The Yearling' was a major shift in the emphasis in the Rymill stable introducing 1 year matured wines. The equine connection was reprised using distinctive illustration to give the labels unique character and shelf presence while avoiding any confusion with the core mature range.

A more modern, sophisticated design approach was adopted for the MC2 range, still headed up by the Rymill logo and fulfilled the positioning of 'food + wine + friends = the perfect equation' in a relevant tone.